Tone and vowel interaction in Northern Lisu

Rael Stanley, Marija Tabain, Defen Yu, David Bradley

Wednesday, December 14th, 2022, 2.30pm – 3pm


This study presents data for f0 and H1*H2* in Northern Lisu Tones, and compares the results between back and front vowels. F0 and H1*-H2* tracks are extracted for four of the six tones in Northern Lisu – 33, 33, 21, 21ʔ (where underlining indicates creaky voice quality). These are compared between tones that appear on raised vowels /ɯ, u, ɤ, o/, front vowels /i, y, e, ø, ɛ/, and the retracted vowel /ɑ/. Results show that there is a difference in tone contour when comparing across the three different
vowel contexts.