Poster session

Thurs 15th 3:30-3:45 Speed presentations, 3:45-4:45 Poster session/afternoon tea

All posters will be displayed in the RSSS foyer during the poster session and available for download via the Zoom Events session for each specific poster. Questions and comments for/from remote attendees can be posted in the chat channel set up for each poster (scroll down for further details). Poster downloads and chat channels will be available for the duration of the conference.

Duration in Zhangzhou Southern Min: Variation, correlation, and constraint (Yishan Huang)

Modeling interaction between tone and phonation type in the Northern Wu dialect of Jinshan (Phil Rose and Tianle Yang)

Interaction between tone and intonation in Tsum interrogatives (Naijing Liu) [pdf abstract]

In search for empirical evidence for optimal sonority distance (Ruihua Yin) [pdf abstract]

The Acquisition of the Arabic Emphatic – Plain Consonant Contrasts by Arabic Speaking Children (Anwar Alkhudidi, Katherine Demuth, Ben Davies and Titia Benders) [pdf abstract]

How universal is (t/d)-deletion? Evidence from Australian English (James Walker) [pdf abstract]

Drehu diphthongs and some other recent findings (Pauline Welby, Julia Monnin, Catalina Torres and Fabrice Wacalie) [pdf abstract]

Articulatory-Acoustic Timing relationships in Australian English vowels (Louise Ratko, Michael Proctor and Felicity Cox) [pdf abstract]

Just listen: Describing phonetic variation in the word just (Ben Gibb-Reid, Paul Foulkes, Vincent Hughes and Traci Walker)

Individual Repertoires and Efficacy (WER) of Automatic Captions: A Case study of British English Varieties (Katreena Abernathy, Amanda Cardoso, Devyani Sharma, Erez Levon and Ryan Taylor) [pdf abstract]

Speech recognition in low resource and code-mixed education settings: YouTube language learning resources for Indonesian (Zara Maxwell-Smith) [pdf abstract]

Neural speech motor control: Speech kinematics and coordination measured with a neuroimaging-compatible speech tracking system (Ioanna Anastasopoulou, Pascal Van Lieshout, Douglas O. Cheyne and Blake W. Johnson) [pdf abstract]

A Gaussian mixture classifier model to differentiate respiratory symptoms using phonated /ɑ:/ sounds (Balamurali B T, Hee Hwan Ing, Cindy Ming Ying Lin, Prachee Priyadarshinee, Christopher Johann Clarke, Dorien Herremans and Jer-Ming Chen)

Online questions/comments on posters

Please post, and check for, questions and comments in the chat channel set up for each poster in the online platform, which will be available for the duration of the conference.